Amar Chitra Katha

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Investment date: Jun 10, Apr 11
Type of investment: primary

Sector: Children’s media and entertainment

Founded in 2007, Amar Chitra Katha (“ACK”) is one of the leading children’s media companies in India, with a catalogue of over 750 print and 100 digital products, and 25 proprietary characters with pan-Indian recognition. ACK is the owner of three highly recognisable brands in India. The best known is “Amar Chitra Katha” founded in 1967, India’s number 1 children’s book series, with around 450 titles, retelling tales from Indian epics, mythology, history and folklore. The second is “Tinkle”, India’s number 1 children’s magazine, published monthly since 1980 with more than 500 issues printed to date and a circulation of around 125,000 per month. The third brand is “Karadi Tales”, an audio / video series for pre-school children, launched in 1996. Karadi Tales has published over 50 titles, including nursery rhymes and mythological stories, and is used in schools across India, as well as the US, Canada and United Arab Emirates.

In May 2010, ACK announced the acquisition of India Book House, India’s largest books and magazine distributor. This addition will support both the direct to consumer channels (e.g., e-commerce, catalogue sales) and the indirect channel including four key sectors: books / video stores (1000+), magazine vendors (10,000+), school book stores (50,000+) and stationary stores (65,000+).

In India, where under-18s represent around 40% of the billion plus population, and as the size and spending power of India’s middle classes increases, the outlook for the children’s entertainment and media sector, is extremely encouraging. We believe that ACK is very well positioned in the market, with an excellent portfolio of intellectual property rights, and the potential to leverage these assets across new media platforms including film, television and new media.

Elephant Capital invested £3.2 million in ACK in June 2010 and a further £0.9 million in a second funding round in April 2011